Monday, 30 January 2017

React to Trump Travel Ban by Facebook, Tesla, Uber, Apple and Others

Late last Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that temporarily suspended refugee admission to the U.S. and banned travel for citizens from 7 muslim-dominated countries from coming to the U.S.

The order impacts citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The decision impacts travelers from these countries for at least 90 days even if they have valid visas or permanent residence permits.

Interpretation of the order has evolved since the order's signing. For instance, agencies changed position on whether green card holders from these countries were or weren't covered by the executive order. 
As of Sunday, the government says it will try to ease this group's entry into the country, provided the traveler has no criminal background or terrorist ties.

Friday’s order also suspended a visa waiver interview program that made it easier for frequent travelers (including tourists and businesspeople) from 38 nations (countries such as Australia, France and Iceland) to come to the United States. 

With the interview waivers suspended, this group will need formal one-on-one interviews at U.S. embassies to renew their authorizations, slowing travel.

Businesses -- including some of tech’s biggest names -- responded to the order with dismay and shock. 

Some worried that the chaos seen at airports across the country this weekend would find its way to the technology sector, stifling innovation and the flow of ideas as the inconsistently interpreted order made it harder to predict who can enter or leave the United States. 

Some founders called the ban immoral or un-American while others offered ways to help both refugees and their own workers and families. Still others, some on special advisory boards with the new administration, offered to find ways to fix the situation.  

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